Selling Tools


We regularly hear from service companies like yours that they have the best success addding the LintAlert PRO Plus to the order by handing it to the customer.Showing the LintAlert And, if your core service offering is outside dryer venting (carpets, AC ducts, etc.) the packaging can be a powerful tool to educate about the importance of adding dryer vent maintenance to the ticket.


Guaranteed Results with Personal Sales Training

LintAlert partners are encouraged to sign up for the LintAlert sales training program. Just let us know what day / time is best to schedule a 30min sales training webinar with your company and techs. Take this opportunity to see a direct improvement in sales results PLUS you'll be eligible for 10% off your next LintAlert order. Half of the presentation covers installation tips while the other half unleashes proven sales techniques.



Top Sales Tips From the Field

  1. Let Your Customers Hold the LintAlert
  2. Explain the Service Countdown Feature and How It Warns of Sudden Changes or that Efficiency Can Be Improved with More Frequent Cleaning
  3. Keep Enough Units on Each Truck to Cover the Day's Scheduled Stops
  4. Mention the LintAlert When Scheduling New Appointments
  5. Let Customers Review the Tri-fold Brochure and hold an actual LintAlert at Service Startup


Sales Quotes From the Field

"Here's a new home safety device we're offering.  You can monitor your dryer's efficiency and gain peace of mind knowing it's venting safely.  Check it out and let me know if you'd like one installed today."

"While I continue the work, check out the LintAlert and let me know if you'd like this new safety device installed today.  I have one in my house and recommend it for added peace of mind."


Knowledge is Power

The most successful sales people always gain a solid understanding of the service they're selling in advance.

Have us schedule a webinar where your team can hear directly from the experts and ask questions that will better arm them for success.

Consultative Selling
Asking probing questions, listening and providing a solution that addresses customer concerns can have a dramatic impact on upsells and closing ratios.  This Safety Inspection Checklist can be a nice tool to get the ball rolling with your customers.

YouTube Video

Video from the Field

Selling the LintAlert from An Installer's Perspective by Greg Clark, Green Home Dryer Vent Cleaning

"I Have One at Home"
Maximize your ROI by giving your techs a LintAlert for their home.  This small investment will instantly give each tech a firsthand installation experience and make them feel much more confident when selling in the field.   It’s much easier to sell an item that helps protect your own family and home.   After all, each tech’s first LintAlert sale will “break even” on this investment…all remaining sales are pure profit.” 

We, as consumers, can agree with this simple assumption: It's much easier to say "no thanks" to a product that's not there!

Top sales tip: bring a LintAlert to every home, dryer vent cleaning job or not.