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Here you will find help with marketing the LintAlert PRO Plus.We want you to be as successful as possible.

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Introduction to the LintAlert PRO Plus Video:

Selling Points

  • Safety

  • Zero airflow resistance means lint is more likely to be blown away from dryer
    • Dryer Fires happen every day
    • 15,000++ reported US dryer fires annually
    • 15 deaths, 400+ injuries, $Millions in damage
    • “Failure to clean” is the leading cause!
    • Laundry room floods are devastating
    • Top 10 sources for residential water loss
    • $170M in property damage/year
    • Busted hoses can discharge up to 650 gallons/hour!


    • Before a tragedy, the app sends client and you a message
    • Earn repeat business by keeping track of the next time your client needs a duct cleaning
    • Partner with us and your business gets added to our locator for new clients
    • No competitive product on the market


You can download the following printable material and add your company's information.

Homeowner Handout:

Download PDF

Multi-Family :

Download PDF

Smart Home Ecosystem :

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Custom Printed Material

Consumer Tri-fold Brochures

Get high-quality full color tri-folds to mail or hand out to your potential customers. These heavy stock, glossy presentations tell a compelling story on the importance of a clean dryer vent. And, it has space to include your company information via stamp or label.
As part of our co-op support, 250 quantity packages are available for $30 including shipping.

Mailers & Postcards

LintAlert regularly develops direct mail programs with targeted lists on a national scale. You can capitalize on existing printed material to send out to your local market or work with us for a customized mailer that features your contact information and call to action.

Free Listings

As a LintAlert authorized installer, you get complimentary support right off the bat. Online, you'll be added to our interactive locator. Be sure to verify your listings or check in with us to be added and get your fair share of referals.

Advertising Material

Have LintAlert provide custom, camera ready material for your local advertising.

Home Show Banners

We have banners available on loan for your next home show appearance.

Custom Labels

When their LintAlert lets your customers know a repeat visit is in order, you'll get the call with custom labels right on top of the command module.

Private Labeling

Strengthen your brand by private labeling the LintAlert PRO Plus. We can print your full-color logo directly onto each unit along with your company's contact information. Contact for more information.

Reminder Tags

As you know, your customers need their dryers cleaned annually even after a LintAlert PRO Plus is installed. LintAlert PRO Plus comes with a "Tube Tag" reminder so you can jot down the required follow up service date and your phone number. It's a nice way to increase repeat visits and remind customers to call.

LintAlert Demo System (LADI)

LADI (LintAlert Demonstration Instrument) is a portable tool that’s sure to maximize your LintAlert PRO Plus sales for a variety of customers. From condo associations to single family homes, LADI can be used to demonstrate the functionality and importance of the LintAlert PRO Plus. Use this device to help train your field techs as well. LADI is now available for $250 which includes shipping. With limited units available, LADI is sold on a first come, first served basis. Contact for more information on getting your LADI today.

Vehicle Graphics

Promote dryer safety on your fleet.

High Resolution Graphics

Tap these top quality photographs, logos, and drawings for use on your website and printed material.

SmartTap Fitting Installed - Closeup
Closeup view of the component that taps in to the transition hose to provide continual air pressure samples to the command module. The samples allow the onboard computer to show whether there are any problems with the dryer that may create a fire hazard.
Note how the fitting is installed in the outside curve of the dryer exhaust hose. This configuration minimizes turbulence within the transition and gives the LintAlert the most consistent readings of the dryer's efficiency.

Stuffed Flex Hose
No. This image is not electronically touched up to make the lint buildup look worse. This is an actual transition hose that—under normal operation—had lint accumulate on the inside to the point where it became a severe fire hazard.
This is a natural occurrence and is shown to highlight the importance of monitoring your dryer's exhaust for safe efficient operation. Across the US alone, the vast majority of dryer fires (over 15,000 each year) are the result of exhaust problems like you see here.

LintAlert in the Laundry Room
When the LintAlert is monitoring the dryer's exhaust, the logo illuminates (as shown here) and can act as a night light for the laundry room. Note the pass-through plug is available in this image for use with other electronics (max 15 amp) and means that your LintAlert does not tie up an outlet.

LintAlert in the Laundry Room - One LED
Here, the LintAlert has one LED illuminated confirming that the dryer is venting safely and efficiently. You'll note there is another electronic device plugged in to the pass-through outlet.

LintAlert in the Laundry Room - Pass-through
Many utility rooms have a single outlet (as shown here) which is why the LintAlert features a pass-through outlet. The nightlight logo is illuminated in this photo as is the first green LED which indicates that the dryer is running at its optimum efficiency.
Over time, more LEDs will light up as lint builds up in the exhaust system to let you know when it's time for maintenance to restore the dryer's efficiency and ensure it operates safely.

LintAlert in the Laundry Room - Machines Close to Wall
This photo of a washer and dryer (which is being monitored by a LintAlert) is in a utility room with a standard dual power outlet. This leaves room to plug in an iron or other electronic device.
The tubing you can see on the right side of the command module runs down and connects to the flex transition hose at the back of the dryer. Did you notice how close to the wall the washer and dryer are placed? Believe it or not, the transition hose is not crushed (if it was all LED indicators would be illuminated). The extra space is thanks to another clever device we strongly recommend: the Dryerbox®

LintAlert in the Laundry Room - Modern Machines
Advanced dryers do include many new features to help ensure that the dryer runs as efficiently as possible. With the addition of a LintAlert as shown here, however, those features expand beyond the internal working of the dryer to verify performance of the hidden duct system inside the walls.

Crushed Flex Hose
This image shows very clearly how the dryer can get moved back too close to the wall and crush the exhaust hose. This situation is very common. It not only increases dryer times and shortens the appliances life-span; it also creates a very real fire danger.
Normal dryer operation creates vibrations that move the dryer back. Just closing the front door can also contribute. And, there's the natural tendency to push the dryer back so it lines up nicely with the washer. Keeping an eye on the exhaust system is an important fire prevention tactic, and it is one that the LintAlert® does automatically, all the time.

Rendering 2
This illustration shows how the duct exhaust system is to be cleaned prior to initial calibration of the LintAlert. You'll want your baseline settings to be created when the exhaust is in a like new state so the efficiency monitoring system gives you an accurate feel for normal declines in efficiency over time.
The command module computer is designed to increase the alert intervals for more efficient exhaust systems. Correspondingly, dryer ducts that are more restrictive get assigned shorter intervals for each alert level.

Rendering 3
This artist rendering illustrates how to connect the tap fitting to a dryer's transition hose to monitor dryer efficiency. After cleaning the exhaust, a hole is punched through the transition hose to accommodate the exhaust tap.

Rendering 4
Artist rendering showing how the SmartTap™ fitting inserts into the dryer's exhaust connection. A few quick turns of the thumb screw tightens the connection so that no air escapes and the command module gets an accurate reading of dryer exhaust pressure.

Testing Foil Flex
The LintAlert monitoring system has undergone extensive testing to cover myriad different exhaust configurations including foil flex transition hose as shown.
Dryer system exhaust pressures vary greatly among major manufacturers as do the length and restrictiveness of the in-wall duct systems. The command module includes a smart computer that samples optimum back pressure, makes sure that it is within general safety parameters and delivers different feedback depending on the unique exhaust of every dryer.
Lab testing has confirmed that the LintAlert is effective with most all configurations. The exceptions being only dryers with dual motor technology (rare and declining in use) and dryers that share exhaust systems like those found in high-rises.

SmartTap Top View
This component taps in to the transition hose and provides continual air pressure samples to the command module. The samples allow the onboard computer to show whether there are any problems with the dryer that may create a fire hazard.

SmartTap Bottom View
Custom injection molded from a glass fiber reinforced DuPont® polyamide, the SmartTap™ has a melting point of 504° F.
This close-up image shows the bottom of the tap fitting. The ridges are designed for aero-dynamic performance inside the dryer exhaust hose and run parallel to exhaust airflow. The small hole allows air pressure samples to be transmitted to the command module.
The felt washer is placed on the outside of the dryer connecting hose and seals the fitting by conforming to the unique ridges that most transition hoses have on their outer surface.

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