Maestro Command Center

Visibility Into Every Device, Customer and Installer

Wi-Fi connectivity allows technicians the ability to record critical information on site and provides key insights in the office via the Maestro Command Center. Manage job information in the app and use unique tools that allow it to act as a fully functioning CRM:

Document Ducting Details
Actual Duct Length
Number of Elbows
Exterior Termination Point
Back Pressure Readings (wci)
Airflow Velocity Readings (fpm)
Floor of Dryer Location
Floor of Dryer Termination
Booster Fan Information
Dryer Design (Side by Side vs. Stackable)
Dryer Accessibility (Easy vs. Hard)

Note Appliance Details
Appliance Manufacturer
Appliance Model
Appliance Year
Appliance Power Source
Serial Number
Include 5 Image Uploads
Dryer Image
Serial Number Image
Before Job Setup
After Job Completion 1
After Job Completion 2

Always Know How All Your Customers' Systems Are Performing

As each device is added to your command center, you will be able to view performance data just like your customers see on their mobile apps. Should a LintAlert detect blockage and enter into the alarm state, for instance, you will be notified along with the customer. This gives you actionable information to be certain you are the first to contact them with a solution to their problem. You'll also be able to monitor gradual changes in airflow efficiency (and increases in power consumption). When a customer's drying times increase, you will have real data to show them they will save money with a repeat cleaning. You'll change the whole relationship from reactive (hoping they will think to call you when there's a problem) to proactive, giving you the chance to contact them as soon as their system needs attention (and before your competition).

Simpler, More Intuitive Profit Center

Not only does new PRO Plus equipment include an exclusive Command Center, the unit’s functionality has drastically improved with a sure fire installation in virtually every home, simplified indicator patterns and more:

Diagnostic Pressure Check — Use the LintAlert to help identify actual back pressure levels that exist in the duct both before and after the cleaning. Validate the job by showing improvements.
Calibrates with any Dryer Duct Run — The PRO Plus does not feature any error codes and can be calibrated to the shortest runs and very long runs (50'+) in just six seconds.
Works with Variable Venting — Booster fan activation and lightly iced vents are handled through a 90-second delay feature. This opens market potential and helps eliminate unnecessary alarms.
LEDs Provide Clear Information — Understanding indicator meanings is much simpler. PRO Plus only displays the logo light and LEDs in unique, independent sequences. At any point, it’s easy to
identify exactly what the system is doing.
Service Company Exclusivity — The PRO Plus is only available through qualified service companies. Your customers will not find them for sale online or at retail.
Better Support for Annual Vent Cleaning — The original model would trigger the audio/visual alarm at 50-60% blockage. PRO Plus is designed to alarm at 40-50% blockage.

Overall, the Benefits for Your Business are Clear and Considerable:

Turn a profit upon initial installation. Eliminate guesswork in determining when customers need the vent cleaned again. Know blockage and venting issues before arriving on the job. Decrease job costs by only sending the right crew, tools and material necessary to complete the job. Enjoy the exclusivity of selling a security system that’s only available through service professionals. Increase repeat business and long-term profitability.