Installation Tips


  • The LintAlert PRO Plus requires a clean system before installation
  • Always attach the SmartTap to the hose's outside bend
  • The LintAlert PRO Plus must be calibrated to the system's unique exhaust properties so it can react to varied conditions
  • The LintAlert PRO Plus can NOT be used with dual-motor dryers
  • The LintAlert PRO Plus can NOT be used with shared ducts, such as the ones found in high rises

Quick Installation Steps

Exhaust Hose Tap FittingExhaust Hose Tap Fitting
  1. Step One
    Disconnect Dryer Exhast Hose After cleaning the system but before re-attaching the transition hose, carefully poke a ¼" hole in the hose, favoring the outside bend a few inches away from where the exhaust port connects to the dryer.

  2. Step Two
    Insert SmartTap fitting into the exhaust hose through the hole you just made. Place the felt washer over the fitting on the outside of the flex hose, followed by the curved washer. Finger tighten the nylon thumb-nut to ensure that no air can escape, then connect one end of the clear vinyl tubing to the tap fitting and reattach the exhaust hose to the dryer's exhaust port.
  3. Step Three
    Move the dryer back into place and plug the alert module into the nearest power outlet.

    Important Note: Cut the length of the clear vinyl tubing to minimize any sag or droop in the tubing to prevent condensation buildup.

    Insert tubing over hose barb on LintAlert.
  4. Step Four [Calibration]
    Clean the dryer's lint screen. Begin a drying cycle with NO clothes in the drum and at a normal temperature setting. While the dryer is running, press and hold the LintAlert button for about 6 seconds, until all five LEDs progressively light up and you hear a chime tone. After about 2 seconds, the first green LED is illuminated and the logo lens, "LintAlert," is steady blue. This means the LintAlert is in a normal monitoring mode.

Connecting the LintAlert PRO Plus to your phone's Protected Pro app:

Technical Videos:

Tap Fitting Locations:

Factory Reset

Maximizing Sales with Creative Installations

Every home that has a dryer needs a LintAlert.  On occasion, there will be special circumstances that could trip a homeowner up, letting them miss the opportunity to better guarantee efficiency and safety. Ideas to help keep every customer safe…

Longer Tubing

Tubing Extension

Each LintAlert comes with a 6' length of tubing to connect the tap fitting to the command module.  Once in a blue moon, the nearest power outlet will be too far away to reach.

To get every possible add-on sale, it's a good idea to keep an extra-long section of tube handy.  You can get a 12' length from us for a $1.99. Contact us to purchase.