Contractor Testimonials

Well I have to say that our customers love these lint alarms, and that it is time for me to order more.  Having that said if we buy 50 lint alarms what would be the price?  We are very interested, and our customers are too.

Norma Clara
MBM Cleaning, Houston TX


We started selling the LintAlert a few months ago. We would have sold more but kept running out quicker than we thought. It's a good idea to have plenty in stock. All in all I'd say it's a good product to sell and suggest putting it on your trucks.

Travis Trentham
Sears Air Duct


We at DUCTZ International, Inc believe that an early detection system is an integral part of home safety. LintAlert provides that early detection protection for our customers and keeps them safer in between regular maintenance. The LintAlert is a much needed product on all residential dryers.

Dayn Benson
COO DUCTZ International, Inc


If you specialize in dryer venting as we do, try the LintAlert yourself to see how great it works.  I can guarantee that by using these products you'll be helping provide dryer venting systems that are energy efficient and that reduce fire hazards.

William J. Ruifrok III
Dryer Vent Pro


We at Clean & Green Dryer Vent Experts have been waiting for a life saving product like the LintAlert. There are other gizmos out there that try and act like a life saving device but the key word is act. After talking with your company and seeing how High Tech this product is I had to order some. In one week we had 5 customers purchase and absolutely love the peace of mind they received from the Lint Alert. Great job

Tim Reiher, President
Clean & Green Dryer Vent Experts

I visited your website and am very interested in testing your device. At Mr. Appliance we are very interested in promoting a device such as yours. Are you able to provide one for testing purposes? If not I will be happy to pay.


Douglas Rogers
President, Mr. Appliance and Zorware

I’m looking forward to receiving your LintAlert product and trying it out. This is a product that I think my customers will really appreciate and can’t wait to share with them. Thank you.


Nick Lovellette
Dryer Vent Wizard of Middle Tennessee

The Lint Alert device was successfully installed on my dryer over the weekend. The installation of it was very easy and took merely ten minutes. The only set back would be if your dryer is in a tight space, like mine, it took longer to get behind the unit than it did to install the device. The device would be very easy for the average do-it-yourselfer to install.

Diana Gootee
Procurement Manager, Inc.

I’ve had a first hand experience with a dryer fire – my dog Bucky can attest to this since he still shakes when he hears a smoke detector. For $45, this is an absolute no brainer!

Jeff Bordeaux
Contributing Editor
Gadget Review Magazine